Men's Bridge

Is a supportive program to help incarcerated and recently released men prepare for successful transition back into the community. The program includes a support group as well as individual mentoring. The mission of the Men’s Bridge (MB) is to take a proactive approach in reducing recidivism by linking inmates and ex-offenders with the community they will call home. Residents at Eureka House and inmates at the local prison meet twice a month with (MB) in a group setting, hosted and supported by several local churches. The program's foundation is a group of professional businessmen in the community who volunteer their time to educate, spiritually guide and mentor incarcerated men, ex-offenders and the residents at Eureka House.

The topics covered in the support group include:

.Dealing with Addiction
.Financial Management
.Anger Management
.Building Relationships
.What to Expect of the Community
.What the Community Expects of Them
.Locating Resources
.Setting Goals
.Educational Opportunities