Eureka Transitional Housing Program

Our Purpose

Eureka House is for male ex-offenders returning to society. Its purpose is to provide a structured and supportive environment where ex-offenders can gain employment, learn skills and progress towards independence and not return to crime. The program maintains a drug and alcohol free environment with random drug testing.


The facility is in a residential setting with access to public transportation. Residents are placed two to a room. The facility has five beds and is fully furnished. It has modern kitchen cabinets, two full baths, carpet, central air, telephone, computer, fax machine, cable TV, washer and dryer. Residents prepare their own meals and maintain good housekeeping habits at all times.


Eureka House was formed in 2002 under the umbrella of Eureka Ministry, Inc. It is a nonprofit agency and has successfully served ex-offenders since its inception. Most of the past residents have become productive tax paying citizens. Some have started their own businesses. Many have become better fathers, husbands, and positive role models in their communities. The recidivism rate of residents completing the Eureka House program is below 20%. The national average for recidivism is 65%.

Most of our referrals come from prison officials prior to the release date of the inmate. Other referrals come from homeless shelters, substance abuse treatment centers, and self referrals from ex-offenders already released from prison.

The application process has three parts:

The applicant or prison requests an email application packet which explains our program. The packet includes information about the Eureka House program and a Personal Data Document (PDD) which must be filled out and emailed back to us.


Eureka House staff will request a phone interview or a face to face visit with the inmate. This depends on the location of the prison.


The applicant's complete file containing information from the PDD, public prison record, and report from the visitation or phone interview is submitted to the Review Board for approval or denial. The Review Board is partially made up of residents presently in the Eureka House program. The prison staff will be notified concerning the decision of the Review Board.


Residents are assessed for any physical and psychological needs they may have. When necessary, referrals are made to the appropriate community agency to provide specialized services to the new resident. The resident is provided with clothing and personal items as needed. Food is also provided for residents until they receive food stamps or gain employment.

Program Fee

Registration fee (one time) $125.00

Program fee (weekly) $125.00

Total due at time of admission $250.00